Welcome to Hoo-ha and guts. A personal blog about life with an ostomy/stoma and some of the stuff in-between.

I’ve had an ileostomy since October 2016 following sub-total colectomy for inflammatory bowel disease. I was told it would be good to give my stoma a name so I called him Arnold as a nod to you know who and ‘I’ll be back’. Arnold became Wilson when I realised trying to go back wasn’t the way to go and have since arrived at a pretty cool place of acceptance.

I have my rectal stump and a decision to make at some point about whether me and Wilson are going to part company or commit to this being a permanent thing. I’m in no rush to make that decision or to be in theatre again any time soon, I’m good with the status quo for now (and a commitment phobe no doubt). I’ve made a deal with my surgeon that leaves that decision open all the time I have clear results from yearly biopsies.

I’ve discovered that everyone who goes through illness resulting in surgery and an ostomy has vastly different experiences.  These are my personal experiences and ramblings (I’m no health professional) and in many respects it’s therapeutic for me to write this stuff down. Not to mention a lot cheaper than paying out for counselling at £60 a pop.

You’ve found your way to my blog and I hope it’s useful, supportive and encouraging in whatever capacity you’re reading this.