Getting stuck!

Not for the first time adhesions (or perhaps a twisted intestine) are making life a bit challenging. I’ve had an issue for most of the last week. My stoma is very swollen and pretty sore, lots of abdominal cramps and waves of escalating pain, nausea, bloating etc etc. It got to the point where I had to leave a client yesterday & travel home early. Not much fun and potentially pissed off the client. But I had a plan B and I think I covered it.

I’d emailed my surgeon as I’d run out of ideas and on my 4th day of hardly being able to eat. Thankfully I was able to see him quickly and now have a plan.

For now it’s a bit longer of no eating then onto a liquid diet. The silver lining is a liquid diet includes custard and ice cream 🍦 Not sure how sustainable liquid food is when working and travelling around, I’ll let you know on that one. Hopefully all that will rest my gut sufficiently for the adhesions/twists whatever they are to unstick/unwind and for proper food to have a fighting chance of getting through.

A blocked gut is not a pain I care to experience too often. I was planning surgery later in the year to fix a minor hernia and explore what might be causing these episodes but think I need to bring it forward – don’t fancy months of low residue/liquid dieting. I’m pretty much booked with work until November so was hoping to wait until after then. As that’s not looking viable I need to find a spare unknown amount of time for recovery. Surgeon says best case 2 weeks, worst case he doesn’t know as depends what he does when he gets in there and if it’s keyhole or open surgery. Anyway, all things to plan and sort out.

I’ve just finished reading The Power of Now and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Keeping myself in the moment, being mindful (well practising it as best I can), not getting stuck & not allowing this chapter in life to dominate with what ifs and, perhaps most importantly, not being defined by anything at all to do with my health.

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