Snowy reflections 

I find myself in a hotel at the base of the Matterhorn just back from skiing and what a place to be. A year ago it wouldn’t have entered my head that this is where I might find myself today. I’ve skied in the past but not to any great extent so it’s been great to find out how I take to the snow again. It’s been pretty good and apparently I’m doing really well. It’s not been without its challenges so far. The lesson I learned yesterday was how tricky it is dealing with my ileostomy pouch whilst up a mountain and wearing base layers and ski boots! Today’s challenge was dealing with a painful stoma whilst not letting it stop me skiing. That’s before I get into adjusting to the altitude and getting my hydration right. I think I’m just about getting there now on day 4! 

I’m tired, in pain and back at the hotel before the others so will miss the apres up the mountain but that’s the deal. I’ve promised myself that I’ll not let the price of compromise stop me from doing the things I want to and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

I’ve learnt this week that it’s really only once I’m out of my comfort zone that I start to feel alive and worthy of the second chance I’ve been given. So what if I have to reign it back and not have the full on experience like others on this trip. Does it really matter? It shouldn’t. Although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to my nose being a little out of joint at my limitations. So, I’m off for a lay down so I can at least be up for enjoying the evening without anyone being any the wiser! 

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