Heart Manchester

Once again we’re reeling from a sickening and nefarious act of terror on our country. My heart aches for everyone involved.

I am in no doubt that the ripple of devastation will be deeply and widely felt. I’ve written recently about living with trauma and like me many others were also impacted by those particular events. We have each learned to live our lives whilst finding a space for the events of the past. 

It’s struck me painfully today how everyone involved in Manchester will have to live with their pain and trauma for the rest of their lives. Nothing can repair the damage caused after such events. There are no words of comfort, no place of solace, no cure, no way to change events. It’s there in all its awfulness for all time and time is all there is. Time does make the scars easier to live with and makes us stronger.

I’m not religious but today I said a prayer. Asking to comfort, soothe and for all those involved to feel the presence of love and strength being felt for them all over the world. The families of children lost and for those who survived and who will go on in life with scars physically and mentally. That they have the support and love around them that they need to help them pick up the thread of life, in time, once again. 

It feels lame when all you have are words, thoughts and emotions. So I’m putting this here, what else is there to do. 

There is one last thing and perhaps this is the most important. The determination in our country to go on without fear, to live our lives and to not let the fear of terrorism divide us is overwhelming. We are united stronger than ever in the face of cowardly, barbaric, pointless violence. 

Together we stand, united and defiant in our grief. 

I bloody love my country. 

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